Chris, Miriam and I were walking on the trail in the Cahuita-Nationalpark and as we passed a family I heard a little girl saying in German: „No Daddy, that‘s not a spider, it‘s an „Opiliones“.

I immediately stopped, turned back and laughed. We started chatting and the little girl showed a scrap-book with the most adorable little sketches of animals she had on her bucket list. Each fitted with a square to mark her findings.

She told me her name was Sophia and that she is six years old. I was enchanted by the passion and love for animals Sophia showed, and her little drawings amazed me completely.
I told her father that these tiny creatures would make for wonderful tattoos. He smiled and pointed towards the mother.

Sure enough she had several of her daughters artworks inked on her arm.
It’s kids like Sophia that make me believe that not all is lost. Will she be a future scientist that turns the fate of our planet to the good?
Whenever I get depressed and frustrated in the future about the carelessness with which we treat our beautiful planet I shall think of Sophia, calm down and tell myself: „There is still hope out there.“

Thank you Sophia!

Photos and story published with consent from the parents